Nightclubs Are Better In Vegas Than Anywhere In The World

Marquee Las Vegas Nightclub –

You know ‘em. You love ‘em. Or, maybe you don’t know ‘em, you’re waiting for us to tell you why you should love ‘em and you’re not entirely sure why we’re not writing the entire word, “them.”  We’re not gonna spend much time guessing which one of those it is. We’ve got too much partying to do. So without further to do, ado or updo (actually an updo would look super cute at any of these clubs), here are 10 of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Drai’s After Hours. Every bit as sexy as you’d expect.

XS Las Vegas Nightclub – and Drai’s After Hours

Yep. We’re cheating already. We said 10 and we’ve already snuck in another entry. But we just couldn’t break these two up. They’re both fantastic and they both start with “Drai’s.” So we figure that’s a good enough excuse to let them share a slot. Upstairs, Drai’s Nightclub is the style Vegas was built for. It’s the cheese pizza of nightclubs – always delicious and never gets old. Drai’s After Hours is more like a fine red wine – always delicious and never gets old. That probably says a lot about our dietary habits. But it says more about the elegance that Victor Drai brings to his namesakes. After Hours is much more chill, though the red lighting makes it feel otherwise. The lights may be hot but the mood is always cool. And it’s the perfect spot to continue the night after you’ve danced away whatever few inhibitions you had left at Drai’s Nightclub.

That’s how you do it, Hakksan. That’s how you party.

Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub –

We’re knocking the big dogs out of the way early. OK, we’re just going alphabetically. But if you’re into nightclubs and you don’t know Hakkasan by now then our first piece of advice is to move out from under that rock. No matter how cheap the rent is under there it can’t make up for the lack of info. When you’ve taken care of that, head to Hakkasan. This is the club all other clubs probably feel like they need to beat. It’s massive. It has some of the world’s most renowned DJs in residence. And its parent company seems to be angling for total domination of Las Vegas nightlife. This is the epicenter of the epicness that has become nightlife. And it’s where you should probably go if you want to tell your friends you went to one of the definitive Vegas nightclubs.


Strip Clubs In Vegas Are Better Than The Rest

Picks for Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Below you will find my picks for the top Vegas strip clubs, in random order, as of the July 4, 2016, with a brief description of why they made the cut. Read my description to find out why each one is on the list so you can pick the best club for you.

I will be updating this list regularly based on the always-in-flux Las Vegas strip club scene–the list can even change from week to week. I have recently started to hit clubs with demerits if the hustle factor is too high or if dancers are treated poorly.  Click on a club’s name for a full review, price info, address, phone and special features.

There are several contenders for the “Best of” list that I will be checking out again over the coming weeks, to see whether they really make the cut.

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas –

Riley Dances at Palomino Club Las Vegas

Riley Dances at Palomino
Photo by Miles Long®

Nude club. This is the only full-time Vegas strip club with both a full bar and completely nude dancers. So, if you want to drink booze and see pussy, simultaneously, this is the only place in town.

The dancers at Palomino are consistently beautiful and talented. The stage show here is the best in town, like a Cirque show with only the erotic parts. There’s plenty of room on the rail for a great view and extra attention from the dancers. Drink prices are a deal, with domestic draft beer priced at $6 and domestic bottled beer at $8, instead of the usual $11-$15. And the club offers plush private VIP rooms (your choice of couch or bed) with doors you can close, for nude high-contact private shows, as well as private booths with curtained doors for fully-nude private shows in the regular VIP.

Oh, and I forgot: The club also has a high-mileage topless lap dance scene.

Groups of two or more get free admission when you arrive by the club’s free round-trip limo (call 1.702.327.7258 to reserve your ride). Full club review. Couples friendly. 100+ dancers at peak hours. 21+ (Club website)

[Note: Palomino Club gets packed at peak hours and sometimes gets more calls for the club limo than they can handle.

To lock in your free limo and free admission, either arrange for pick-up a little earlier (say, 10-10:30 p.m. or earlier–the show and dancers will still be first rate) or purchase one of the club’s packages in advance. That way you also lock in a reserved VIP table for the night–a real value at this club.]

Sapphire Las Vegas –

Best Las Vegas Strip Club Dancer - Arista at Sapphire

Arista is a Sapphire Gem

Topless club. Sapphire is known as the world’s largest gentlemen’s club, and with 300-400 dancers at peak hours it may well be.

Sapphire is a club for men who prefer their dancers beautiful, slender, long-legged and stacked. This elegant lap dance paradise is famous for its in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap lap dances not only in the VIP but also in the regular $20 laps done on the main floor. On a busy weekend night, the club is a regular bacchanal.

Sapphire features elegant private VIP rooms for groups and 1-on-1’s with a dancer. The club’s sports viewing parties are the most popular in Vegas. The parties generally include an excellent man-chow buffet, the largest high-def viewing screens in Vegas, and the best lap dances in town.

Sapphire also has the best topless pool and dayclub in Vegas (opening around May 1). This is where the Sapphire dancers work on their tans, so the scenery is more than pleasant–like a strip club in the sunshine.

Get free admission to Sapphire when you arrive by the club’s limo. The $15 limo reservation fee is waived if you buy a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle.  Reserve your ride at 1 (702) 869-0003.  Sapphire offers VIP packages with a drink discount at the club web site (even the basic package essentially throws in a free drink.) Full club review. Low hustle factor for a major Vegas strip club. 300-400+ dancers at peak hours. Couples friendly. 21+

Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas